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Innovation for buildings

Design and engineering activities
  • Preparation of project documentation,engineering, author's supervision.
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  • Partial, complete financing of technologies in energy - financing of technologies in general delivery from our company.
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Measurement and control
  • Comprehensive supervision of electricity, gas, water, heat, cold, etc. meters based on their automated readings with selectable...
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Transformer stations
  • Reconstruction and construction of transformer stations.
  • Cleaning and Inspection of a transformer station + elimination of defects after Inspection, cable relocations, alignment and repair of cable faults.
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  • Heat pumps
  • Cogeneration units
  • Electric boilers
  • Condensing gas boilers and cogeneration units
  • EIM subregulation¨
  • Recuperation
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Cooling, air conditioning and recuperation
  • Rooftops and condensing units
  • Precision air conditioning units
  • Air-cooled refrigeration units
  • Water-cooled cooling units
  • Absorption cooling units
  • HVAC units
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Photovoltaic power plants
  • Construction of photovoltaic power plants and their service. Service activities include regular Inspections of panels, Inspections in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as thermal imaging measurements of panels, including switchboards.
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Batterie systems
  • We provide construction of photovoltaic power plants and battery storage systems and their subsequent service and maintenance.
  • Batteries for peak shawing, load shifing...
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Outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Emergency lighting incl. CBS
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  • Alarm security and emergency system
  • Camera system
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Central dispatching and resource management
  • On-line supervision of individual technologies
  • Energy infrastructure management, reporting
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  • Wall boxes PRE, sales and installation
  • Turnkey public and non-public electromobile infrastructure in the form of PREpoint charging stations
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Local distribution systems
  • Construction and administration - we provide the operation of the local distribution system (LDS) for those interested in shopping centers, apartment complexes, family houses or industrial zones.
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Optical networks
  • Construction and management of optical networks
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Building cladding
  • Insulation and replacement of windows
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Sale and purchase of commodities

  • Sale of electricity
  • Purchase of electricity - fixed price
  • Guarantees of origin - renewable resources
  • Fixed price
    We guarantee a fixed price, which includes the amount for gas, structuring and transportation. The fixed price for the entire duration of the contract will allow you to have future costs under control.
  • The price determined according to the price formula
    The resulting amount is affected by the development of prices of other energy commodities and exchange rates on the markets during the contract. This method of pricing brings you an individual price corresponding to the current development of the energy market.
  • Gradual purchase of natural gas
    The purchase of gas is divided into several periods just before delivery. This procedure reduces the risk of purchasing energy under unfavorable conditions at one time.
  • Combination of the above options
  • Guarantees of origin - renewable resources

Will you join us?

Let's create an opportunity together:
  • continuously improve the quality of tenants´ life
  • improve energy efficiency
  • use quality and efficient technology
  • reduce energy intensity and CO2 per m2
  • manage consumption on-line
  • comfortably meet the objectives of the ISO 50 001 audit
  • Within the ES PREmium, we can help finance suitable projects in the long term (for example, EPC, installments, or delivery in the form of a service).

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